I’m Rachael Hampton, and here are 8 things you need to know:

1.) I am a learning experience designer, curriculum & instructional designer, and French-American bilingual writer, based in Toulouse, France.

2.) Rachael HELPS! is my alter-ego. In 2011, I originally created this blog and my YouTube videos to give REAL in-depth advice about living in France, language learning tips, starting and running a business in another country, as well as travel guidance. I ended this in 2018 to concentrate on other things.

3.) April 2023, now, seems like the perfect moment to revamp this website into my portfolio and
🛝 creative playground (writing, instructional design, and illustrations) blog.

4.) I’m a bilingual French-American (American-born and raised, and French by immigration). I moved to France in 1998; therefore, I’ve been living and working for over 21 years in France.

5.) I have lived and worked in four different cities in France: Paris, Nantes, Toulouse, Metz, and back to Toulouse since 2014.

6.) Je parle français et dĂ©s fois (parfois), je parle franglais. Franglais, c’est quand tu mĂ©lange les mots français avec les mots en anglais. Exemple : Salut CĂ©line, Demain, Are you disponible pour prendre un cafĂ© together? Eh oui.

7.) I ran five businesses in France. My current and last one is FAW a Qualiopi©  certified training company (looking to close this in 2023, read my story to know why).

8.) My ultimate goal with this website is to show you the following:

  • my writing style
  • how I design and develop creative learning experiences for companies and organizations in large and small industries
  • my graphic design style and skills