Rachael Hampton is a :

🧰 Learning Experience Designer,
🧠 Curriculum & Instructional Designer,
and ✍🏼Writer(in 🇺🇸English and 🇫🇷French).

Based in Toulouse, France 🧀 🥖.

Breaking Into the French Friend Zone | Living in France

Escape the Expat Bubble and Use These Tested Tips to Make Friends in France

A reader writes: Hi Rachael. When you moved abroad initially, or even when you moved around within France, how did you get to a new place and establish friendships? I’m sure it’s easier when you are in a relationship but how did you make new friends as a single woman in a new country or new cities within the country? Answer: Your question made my mind travel back to the 90’s, when I used Netscape as my web browser and AOL for instant messaging. When I first moved to Paris, in 1999, I was so wet behind [my] ears. I…

7 Challenges I Wish Somebody Had Told Me When I Started My Business In France

A reader writes: Hello Rachael, Thank you for your amazing resources through your website and YouTube channel. My question to you is, what was the most difficult challenges you faced when starting a business while living abroad? How much money would you recommend a person to save before moving to Toulouse or Nantes, France? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Answer: 2003 was the last time I would ever be an employee in France. I jumped from agencies to companies, to startups, just to get a pay increase. I worked long hours and even slept in an agency…

French grammar, my 5 ingredients to learning with dyslexia. | Rachael HELPS!

Pulling Back The Curtains And Showing You How To Learn French Grammar With Dyslexia

A reader writes: My daughter is learning French in school (she is 15) and I find that I would love to be able to communicate with her. I am 52, with dyslexia and have dyscalculia (dyslexic with math). However, I am driven and want to learn, but I stopped because I have difficulty with grammar. I have the Duolingo app, and I am going to try your children’s audiobooks. Any tips with learning the grammar? Answer: I applaud you for wanting to help your daughter and at the same time having the drive to learn a second language at the…