Rachael Hampton is a :

🧰 Learning Experience Designer,
🧠 Curriculum & Instructional Designer,
and ✍🏼Writer(in 🇺🇸English and 🇫🇷French).

Based in Toulouse, France 🧀 🥖.

Rachael HELPS! is the alter ego of Rachael Hampton, a portfolio and creative playground (blog).

This space allows me to show you how I design and develop creative learning experiences for companies and organizations in large and small industries.
And let's not forget my mad skills in writing and graphic design

Breaking Into the French Friend Zone | Living in France

Escape the Expat Bubble and Use These Tested Tips to Make Friends in France

A reader writes: Hi Rachael. When you moved abroad initially, or even when you moved around within France, how did you get to a new place and establish friendships? I’m sure it’s easier when you are in a relationship but how did you make new friends as a single woman in a new country or new cities within the country? Answer: Your question made my mind travel back to the 90’s, when I used Netscape as my web browser and AOL for instant messaging. When I first moved to Paris, in 1999, I was so wet behind [my] ears. I…

7 Challenges I Wish Somebody Had Told Me When I Started My Business In France

A reader writes: Hello Rachael, Thank you for your amazing resources through your website and YouTube channel. My question to you is, what was the most difficult challenges you faced when starting a business while living abroad? How much money would you recommend a person to save before moving to Toulouse or Nantes, France? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Answer: 2003 was the last time I would ever be an employee in France. I jumped from agencies to companies, to startups, just to get a pay increase. I worked long hours and even slept in an agency…

French grammar, my 5 ingredients to learning with dyslexia. | Rachael HELPS!

Pulling Back The Curtains And Showing You How To Learn French Grammar With Dyslexia

A reader writes: My daughter is learning French in school (she is 15) and I find that I would love to be able to communicate with her. I am 52, with dyslexia and have dyscalculia (dyslexic with math). However, I am driven and want to learn, but I stopped because I have difficulty with grammar. I have the Duolingo app, and I am going to try your children’s audiobooks. Any tips with learning the grammar? Answer: I applaud you for wanting to help your daughter and at the same time having the drive to learn a second language at the…

Friends of all colors: A short story in French for self-learner

Friends of all colors: A short story in French for self-learner [Level A1-A2]

Here is another Storytelling’N French video added to our playlist, spoken by a native French speaker (HB). This video is great for learning French grammar and pronunciation. We made this video for the absolute beginner (A1 to A2) and self-learners. It’s to help them overcome learning difficulties in language studies. In this article, I’ll show you how to use this children story in French for adults (as well as kids too!). Before you dive in (the video that is), are you new to my blog? Or did you find this video randomly on the internet? Either way, I suggest that…