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Hey Love,

Rachael here.
Thank you so MUCH for stopping by!

I remember when I was in my early 20s and decided to make a HUGE change in my lifestyle and where I lived.
I needed information and someone to help me to take the leap over the pond. However, I didn’t have access to YouTube, blogs nor a mentor that I could turn to.

Oh man, keeping up the motivation was no joke and going at it on my own was REAL! No one tells you just how difficult it is to move to another country, or starting a business there until you go through it ALONE.

I feel ya, I was where you are at NOW.

My ultimate goal is to provide you:

  • practical, REAL in-depth advice about living in France,
  • helpful tips on learning a language,
  • tools and tutorials for starting a business in another country, like France,
  • how to communicate and adapt in a multicultural relationship and family,
  • and travel guidance and inspiration to HELP you find your balance in designing your life.

The information you see on my website, in my videos and in une lettre de Rachael (newsletter) is free to readers & subscribers, also it represents many, many, many hours of time and research that I do to bring you quality content. As such, I feel compensation is appropriate for time spent (don’t you?).

I believe in transparency in life, on the web, and in business. So, I’m disclosing that I’ve included certain products and links to those products on this site that I will earn an affiliate commission for any purchases you make.
This will provide some income and allow me to devote time and energy to the growth and upkeep of rachael-helps.com and une lettre de Rachael (newsletter).

My goal with the blog is to help educate YOU on many possibilities in achieving your GOALS.

I only promote products or services I personally use or that I have investigated that truly feel deliver value to you without hesitation.

Integrity is important to me. Gaining and keeping your trust is important.

What I do & don’t promote:

I do my best to look at potential products/services through the eyes of a customer. I ask myself, “I would pay for it?”. After all, if I don’t think it’s worth paying for myself, I’d better have a really good reason to convince you to buy it.
The majority of the products or services I promote I have paid for personally.

What is an affiliate link/referral link?

Sprinkled throughout this site and une lettre de Rachael (newsletter) you will see references to my use of affiliate links or referral links. These references are called disclosures and are a requirement as put forth by the FTC in the U.S (and soon to be in France…).

They’re there to inform you that I have a relationship with a particular product or service and if you choose to purchase that product/service via my affiliate link, I will get a small commission. Of course, this is at no extra cost to you, but it does help keep my candle burning under my bum, so I can keep bringing you great content!

I truly appreciate YOU and your support in this way. Thank you.
My blog (www.rachael-helps.com) does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact me by using the page contact form. It can be accessed from the menu above.



Rachael HELPS ! représente l'alter ego de Rachael Hampton, une experte en ingénierie pédagogique multimodale et Digital Learning Manager.

Cet espace est dédié à la démonstration de ma créativité dans la conception et le développement d'expériences d'apprentissage pour diverses entreprises, écoles et organisations dans des industries variées.

Et bien sûr, n'oublions pas mes talents de rédactrice et de graphiste qui viennent compléter cette palette d'expertise !