Rachael HELPS! aka Rachael Hampton online portfolio

I’m Rachael Hampton, and here are 10 things you need to know:

Vision rachael hampton

1.) I am a learning experience designer, curriculum & instructional designer, and French-American bilingual writer, based in Toulouse, France.

2.) Rachael HELPS! is my alter-ego. In 2011, I originally created this blog and my YouTube videos to give REAL in-depth advice about living in France, language learning tips, starting and running a business in another country, as well as travel guidance. I ended this in 2018 to concentrate on other things.

3.) October 2023, now, seems like the perfect moment to revamp this website into my portfolio and
🛝 creative playground (writing, instructional design, teaching and illustrations) blog.

4.) 🔮 In a past life, I was a graphic and web designer

5.) I’m a bilingual French-American ( 🇺🇸 American-born and raised, and 🇫🇷 French by immigration). I moved to France in 1998; therefore, I’ve been living and working for over 21 years in France.

6.) I have lived and worked in four different cities in France: Paris, Nantes, Toulouse, Metz, and back to Toulouse since 2014.

7.) Je parle français et dés fois (parfois), je parle franglais. Franglais, c’est quand tu mélange les mots français avec les mots en anglais. Exemple : Salut Céline, Demain, Are you disponible pour prendre un café together? Eh oui.

8.) I ran five businesses in France. My current and last one is FAW a Qualiopi©  certified training company (looking to close this in 2023, read my story to know why).

9.) I am currently employed as an Educational Program Coordinator and Instructional designer. I coordinate activities and design and develop educational content or strategies for the pôle étudiante entrepreneur at the University of Toulouse (in France).
👉 I am open to new opportunities (contract positions or full-time) #opentowork.
If you need a detail-oriented, outcome-driven team member with a creative touch to create practical learning experiences for your school or company, I’m confident we will be a great fit! Let’s Chat.

10.) My ultimate goal with this website is to show you the following:

  • my writing style
  • how I design and develop creative learning experiences for companies and organizations in large and small industries
  • my graphic design style and skills

Intra entreprises rachael hampton

Rachael HELPS ! représente l'alter ego de Rachael Hampton, une experte en ingénierie pédagogique multimodale et Digital Learning Manager.

Cet espace est dédié à la démonstration de ma créativité dans la conception et le développement d'expériences d'apprentissage pour diverses entreprises, écoles et organisations dans des industries variées.

Et bien sûr, n'oublions pas mes talents de rédactrice et de graphiste qui viennent compléter cette palette d'expertise !