Rachael HELPS! aka Rachael Hampton online portfolio

My story

Expo poster at créapole school in paris franceBack in 2006, I landed my first teaching job as a professor for the school Créapole in Paris, France.
I began practicing learning experience design and curriculum design long before I ever heard the term instructional design (that is, ingénierie pédagogique multimodale in French).

At the time, I already had professional experience working with clients, solving problems and designing outcome-oriented solutions in design, marketing and digital communication. Moreover, I enjoy deep diving into understanding how people think and learn. My clients and colleagues always referred to me as a natural-born, hands-on kind of teacher with a knack for storytelling and enough programming know-how to make things work.

Pulling from my professional experience, I developed curriculum and designed visually-appealing, interactive activities for multiple levels.
Heck, I had too!
I taught design students; they lose focus very quickly (just keeping it real😉).

In the classroom, I found myself back in the problem-solving business and, once again, helping students discover and learn new things.

Problem-solving -rachael hampton

That’s when the learning bug 🐛 bit me.
I love teaching, and I also love developing curricula too!

I continued to work as a creative brand and digital marketing strategist. However, my passion for alternative education kept leading me back to teaching and multimodal instructional design.
I soon after was employed as a part-time professor at various French schools for design, applied arts, multimedia, digital marketing and communication. Over time I gained more hands-on classroom experience and acquired learning experience design (LxD).

Students rachaelhelps digi

I eventually founded FAW, a Qualiopi© certified training company, as a logical extension of my marketing and communication agency “Ardephwerk.”

💛 Hence the birth of FAW, a combination of professional, teaching, and entrepreneurial experience.

From 2006 to the present day, I’ve specialized in two fields:

  • Support and training for small and mid-size businesses (start-ups, SMEs, SMBs) in digital communication strategies (content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and copywriting in English and French).
  • Provide instructional, curriculum development, and digital learning experience design (LxD) for SMEs, corporate-multinational companies, academic institutions (public and private), and associations at local and international levels.

I found my 💞sweet spot.

As they say in French, “Le point d’équilibre. L’endroit où tu es bien”.

Boy, oh boy, I’m passionate about digital and alternative education in an adaptive environment;
I tailor learning objectives to the needs of learners and businesses.
Research, analyze, design, and create is my very long middle name.

Igs group, via pédagogia, a college for teachers and educational professions (paris, france)Lastly, thanks to my French master’s degree—excuse me 🙏🏼 while I have to 💪🏽flex online: I wrote a 114-page thesis in French and received a “Graduated with honors.” Honey. Child. Wait. What! 👀 — in multimodal learning design, instructional systems design, and technology. So, thanks to my 📜 diploma, I have validated my advanced expertise in developing effective training programs, instructional design, and digital learning technologies.

The Shift (painfully honest).

After more than a decade of running my own certified training company in France, while teaching and also working on instructional and curriculum design.
I decided it’s time for a change.
I want to get rid of the French bureaucracy and the certification process. Amen!
If you don’t know what French administration is like, I wrote a blog post on it over here. Trust me. It’s not fun.

I still enjoy teaching (one-to-one contact with learners), but I now have a new zest for learning experience design and instructional design field (in case you haven’t read that already).

Open to new challenges…

Since May 2023, I have transitioned into a full-time position.

I am currently employed as an Educational Program Coordinator and Instructional designer. I coordinate activities and design and develop educational content or strategies for the pôle étudiante entrepreneur at the University of Toulouse (in France).

I am open to new opportunities, contract positions, or full-time (#opentowork).
Having worked in both the corporate and educational sectors, I have a broad perspective and experience developing training solutions for many industry types.
I enjoy collaborating with teams while clearly presenting complex information, researching, writing, and helping people learn.

✅ My mission is to ensure that learning is fun, visually pleasing, and combined with eLearning technologies to create resources and innovative learning experiences that not only add value but also learners, teachers, and companies love 💯

Rachael HELPS ! représente l'alter ego de Rachael Hampton, une experte en ingénierie pédagogique multimodale et Digital Learning Manager.

Cet espace est dédié à la démonstration de ma créativité dans la conception et le développement d'expériences d'apprentissage pour diverses entreprises, écoles et organisations dans des industries variées.

Et bien sûr, n'oublions pas mes talents de rédactrice et de graphiste qui viennent compléter cette palette d'expertise !