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Back from Hiatus, multicultural couple in France on marriage, educational language learning, children’s book and motherhood.

Written by:Bonjour! I'm Rachael | 30 Nov 2017 in Life in France | 0 Commentaires ⤵️

Hey, I’m back from hiatus!
Today, I wanted to discuss with you on the new direction I’m taking with this channel.
Also, to answer why I look so FAT in my I’m back video here.

And who’s that guy in the video with I, “You might say”?

Here’s the video. Watch it because I went into detail about:

  • H.B Who?
  • Multicultural relationships/marriage in France
  • Storytelling ‘n French (Reading Children’s book in French)
  • Educational language learning
  • Q & A (#JustASK)
  • Motherhood in France and more…

Oh, and don’t worry, in another blog post I’ll give you the skinny on why I went on hiatus for so long.

Now to get in touch with us and the place you want to be is in the comment section of this blog post, the link is down below.

Oh course please do share the video.

Last, if you would like to get MORE personal? MORE intimate details to my no-bull-shit perspective, on surviving in France (life, work, relationships and more).

I will write you two lettres (letters) per month. Yes, the old fashion way.
Sound cool? Then sign-up to une lettre de Rachael.

Thank you for reading and adding your perspective to the conversation!
See ya in the comments down below (not on YouTube).

Remember to LIVE, LOVE & design your life the way you want it to be.

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