Twenty five years ago I was probably where you are now: struggling to learn a 2nd language (French in my case) or a 3rd and 4th (Spanish and German, also in my case).

After discovering my dyslexia at the age of 24, I took the bull by the horns by researching and testing different techniques on myself. Overcoming my set back, I created my own formula adapted to my needs in language learning.

And ya know what?

It worked.

I’m fluent in French (reading, writing, thinking and speaking). French people are always surprised at my level and my knowledge of the language. I’ve taught over 20 years in France, in French, in several curriculums, such as web, graphic design, marketing, digital communications and coding. I’ve also taught English as a second language (ESL) and since then mentored language learners and tutors.

I have dedicated part of my blog to inspiring independent language learners by creating resources like Storytelling’N French”, with my French hubby, and creating videos on the different techniques I used and have taught to others. Also, showing you my process in learning a 3rd and 4th language (Spanish and German).

My blog is your playground, so have a look around and try my techniques out for yourself.

Below you will find my recommendations on language learning materials, my Storytelling’N French playlist and videos for learning French.

If you don’t know where to start, then here’s a few of my favourite posts to get you started:


You can also plug in the search bar above “learning French”, “French History”, and “French culture”.

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Learn French with Children’s Stories
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Book Recommendations

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