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Advice from a bilingual American Expat, 42 years old, who has been living and working in France for 20 plus years, and also traveled the globe.

#JustASK advice column, launched in 2002 on my YouTube channel, is written from an honest, direct and down-to-earth point of view. From navigating between different cultures, traveling, learning languages, getting your ducks in a row, to grow personally and professionally abroad.

People don’t really tell you just how difficult it is to move to another country, or starting a business there.

Advice from #JustAsk Rachael HELPS! provides resources, directions and helps you cultivate your connection to French culture and life, with a no-bull-shit perspective on surviving in France (life, work, motherhood, relationships and more).

You can ask questions, get personalized advice, and find tips on all aspects of your lives—from dating a French (man or woman), self-improvement, schooling in France, intercultural readiness, French language, and even your career.

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Rachael HELPS ! représente l'alter ego de Rachael Hampton, une experte en ingénierie pédagogique multimodale et Digital Learning Manager.

Cet espace est dédié à la démonstration de ma créativité dans la conception et le développement d'expériences d'apprentissage pour diverses entreprises, écoles et organisations dans des industries variées.

Et bien sûr, n'oublions pas mes talents de rédactrice et de graphiste qui viennent compléter cette palette d'expertise !