Rachael HELPS! aka Rachael Hampton online portfolio

Rachael Hampton is a :

🧰 Learning Experience Designer,
🧠 Curriculum & Instructional Designer,
and ✍🏼Writer(in 🇺🇸English and 🇫🇷French).

Based in Toulouse, France 🧀 🥖.

Rachael HELPS! is the alter ego of Rachael Hampton,
a portfolio and creative playground blog.

This space allows me to show you how I design and develop creative learning experiences for companies, schools and organizations in large and small industries.
And let's not forget my mad skills in writing and graphic design

Rachael HELPS ! représente l'alter ego de Rachael Hampton, une experte en ingénierie pédagogique multimodale et Digital Learning Manager.

Cet espace est dédié à la démonstration de ma créativité dans la conception et le développement d'expériences d'apprentissage pour diverses entreprises, écoles et organisations dans des industries variées.

Et bien sûr, n'oublions pas mes talents de rédactrice et de graphiste qui viennent compléter cette palette d'expertise !

Bee and Garden Spider: A children story in French for self-learner [Level A2 to B2]

I’m so excited that we can do our first Storytelling ‘N French for you: Abeille et Épeire by Émilie Vast, with the permission of éditions MeMo based in Nantes, France (a publisher of children and young adults books) and also the author Émilie Vast.   Before you dive in (the video that is), are you […]

Learn French with stories design for self-study {Storytelling’N French}

Twenty years ago I was probably where you are now: struggling to learn a 2nd language (French in my case).  I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t remember how to write new words that I had just learned, forgetting the pronunciation and the spelling. All my teachers would say the same thing to me: “you spell […]

Back from Hiatus, multicultural couple in France on marriage, educational language learning, children’s book and motherhood.

Hey, I’m back from hiatus! Today, I wanted to discuss with you on the new direction I’m taking with this channel. Also, to answer why I look so FAT in my I’m back video here. And who’s that guy in the video with I, “You might say”? Here’s the video. Watch it because I went […]